The care and attention on the basic activities of daily living, are accompanied by medical and therapeutic services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology,social care and socio-cultural.


Also, we own kitchen adapted to the nutritional and dietary needs of our residents, whose menus are supervised by the technical team of the center. And all this in a comfortable facilities in one of the quietest areas of Puerto de la Cruz. 



With schedule tailored to your needs, we offer therapeutic services as well as leisure and entertainment activities that make our grater coexist in an environment that focuses on active aging and the perservation of their autonomy as long as possible.



Our professionals provide therapeutic programs for post-operative or injured,and to those who have suffered any health problems such as stroke, heart attacks, etc.. Among the treatments designated areas, we have an excellent therapeutic spa where aquatherapy programs offer our interns or upon request externally.



Because we know how important it is the figure of the family in supporting our major, we offer complementary programs to those who are carrying them  If you are interested in a day stays during holiday periods or weekend break, Davida has individualized day programs or regular stays for those who require it.